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How It Works

Accelerate Internet Speeds by 300%

Internet speed boosting with a web accelerator will put the fun back into surfing. With faster speed, you'll do EVERYTHING online faster. Yes! This is a browser accelerator that will speed up surfing, online gaming, emailing, and it will even speed up downloads. We all need faster data delivery with the onslaught of bogged down Internet connections that all of us seem to have far too often. Boost all of your web related software which includes email, online gaming, and any other programs that access the Net. Faster Internet speed will enhance your enjoyment of the web. There is nothing more frustrating than jumping your mouse around waiting for pages to finally load. The blank white loading screen staring menacingly at you while your modem and browser struggle to work together to feed the stalled web page. Well, if this story is real to you, end your frustration and make all those slow, stalling surfing problems a forgotten chapter of the past.


Key Features

Optimize Dial-Up Modems, High-Speed Cable and DSL Connections

Download Booster 5.0 features ADAPTIVE INTERNET PROTOCOL OPTIMIZATION, which will automatically set up the best, most effecient Internet settings for your computer, offering your the fastest Internet browsing and downloading experience with increased bandwidth (up to 300%) and faster connections speeds (no more time-outs or waiting for web pages to load)

Accelerate Internet Speeds by 300%

You'll never go back to your old Internet connection. Download Booster 5.0 is designed specifically to accelerate your Internet experience and guarantee that your will be 100% satisfied with your software. Download Booster will increase your average bandwidth (downloading speed) by up to 300% which will make you very happy.

Built-in Virus Protection Software

The main goal of Download Booster 5.0 is to make your Internet browsing experience more enjoyable, fun and safe. Since our customers care about a simpler Internet world, we have included a built-in virus protection system which works not only to protect your computer from outside viruses but speeds up your system at the same time. By preventing third party computers from accessing your system's personal IP ADDRESS, the software eliminates hidden viruses and continues to speed up your Internet connection at the same time.

Speed Up Your Internet

If you speed up internet access, you'll speed up and enjoy your web experience much more. While a famous fairy tale taught us that speed does not win every race, you will win the race against time by speeding up internet connections with a web accelerator. With all due respect to the Tortoise, by surfing faster, we will no longer be waiting what seems like an eternity for web pages to load. Speed up internet software will provide a faster internet speed boost for the duration of the "race" or the time you're online. Surfing, downloading files, emailing, playing online games, and anything else you do online will be faster. This is excellent software for slow dialup modems as well as high speed access connections. It will work with AOL, Cable, ALL Phone Modems, and even DSL!

This software will still be useful to you after upgrading your connection. Accelerate internet and leave the tortoise behind! So tell the Wabbit we're on his side, but we're not going to stop and rest. In fact with this new software product installed on our machines - you're going for ultimate speed optimization and you're going to love it!

Accelerate Modem and High-Speed Cable, DSL Connections

Speed up your connection with Download Booster 5.0. This is a proven and time tested product that delivers. If you speed up modem delivery today (takes only a few minutes) you'll not only be surfing faster on your current connection, but on any future connections you upgrade to in the future. Yes, this outstanding internet speed accelerator will work with all internet connection speeds.

Browse and Download Faster - It's That Simple

Internet speed essentially determines your productive use of time. A browser accelerator will end the long gaps between pages and load graphics for much quicker display. Of course you will speed up internet use as a whole, which means you'll also speed up downloads, emailing, online gaming, business tasks, or anything else you do online. There are many web accelerator programs that claim a dramatic internet boost, but only a few deliver quality internet software that really does the job.

Modem Speeds (Dial-Up, Cable & DSL) are Restricted by Default

Your modem (dial-up, cable & DSL) has speed limits but unfortunately most modems never come close to their speed potential. It's not the modem manufacturer's fault, most PC systems use speed-reducing default settings. This includes the very complicated registry settings and many other speed flow points. A good web accelerator program will enable the most productive speed gains from your particular PC configuration. The results are clearly amazing and there is really no risk to try it because of the full money-back guarantee.

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Zeyni, Sweden

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Michelle Anderson

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Larry Johnson

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System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME, Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP

- Intel® Pentium® or AMD processor or better

- 32 MB of RAM

- 5MB of available hard-disk space